Evacuation is an initiative that grew in the hearts of staff at Youth for Christ in Poland about two years ago. It is an outreach programme aimed at university students.

As any other project that is run once or twice a month, Evacuation requires lots of work and devotion from the staff team. Sometimes preparations have not gone the way the leaders intended and the team ends up thinking it is going to fail, but then God gets into action and solves all the problems.

Evacuation is a place where anybody can find something that appeals to them. Do you like to listen to good Christian music? Are you interested in topics connected with God? Are you a fan of good food? Or maybe you just need somebody to pray for you? Leaders guarantee that you can find all of these things at the Evacuation.

The team’s main goal is to present the one, true God, not the one misrepresented by media as somebody sitting high on the throne and looking for our misfortune. Instead, leaders desire to present the true God who is almighty, wonderful, loving us more than we can imagine. Instead of just sharing some stories about Jesus that they have heard from others, leaders share their own stories – the ones experienced personally in their relationships with God.

The team operates out of a belief that God has great plans for Wroclaw and students living in this city.