For Ezekiel it was when he was feeling really lost and hopeless, locked up in Kansas City. For Freddy, it was after an awful night of violence in Burundi. Yet in both cases God entered in and called them to follow new plans for their lives. You may have read their stories in our recent EVERY newsletters.

Ezekiel is a young man just beginning to follow God’s call to be a Christian leader. Freddy has become an exemplary Youth for Christ leader running schools, orphanages, a medical clinic and more. God has used Youth for Christ in both their lives to bring them to where they are now. God has used you through your partnership with Youth for Christ to do this.

The Difference Love Makes

I have seen first-hand the Youth for Christ ministry in both places. In the USA I have been privileged to see our staff and volunteers connecting with the most hurting and hopeless. In our own family of foster and adopted children we have seen the difference that love makes.

In Burundi, I was so moved by the order, love, cleanliness and first-class education happening in the Youth for Christ schools and homes for children. In one home, we shared dinner with the children that were from 5 years old to 18 years old. I asked one child for a hug only to watch in amazement as the whole rest of the group, I’m guessing 40 children, lined up for one hug each! This was pre-COVID! I felt that I was experiencing the fulfillment of Freddy’s vision. It doesn’t get much better than this until heaven!

You are Raising Up Life-long Followers Who Lead

Raising up life-long followers of Jesus who lead is the linchpin of Youth for Christ’s strategic focus. We are so grateful for leaders like Freddy, and the leader we believe Ezekiel will become. We are grateful to you, too, for your partnership in helping this to happen.

Will you consider a gift this month to help raise up godly leaders around the world? Your gift of $50, $100, $500 or whatever the Lord calls you to give will change lives.

This past year over 173,000 young people worldwide responded to that call to follow Jesus through Youth for Christ, the majority continuing in follow-up and discipleship programs. Freddy in Burundi said, “We are so thankful to God that lives are changing on a daily basis.” We hope you are thankful, too!


Dave Brereton
International Director

P.S. Would you give a gift this month to help raise up godly leaders around the world?