Pain & Hope in Croatia

In the midst of all this, we cling to the truth that the cross emerges from chaos and death.

One word that can be commonly used to describe our Youth for Christ staff and programs around the world is resilient. Persecuted saints are forced into hiding and yet they continue to minister to people. Natural disasters wipe out ministry centers and places of worship and yet Youth for Christ’s leaders continue to serve people in need and point others to Jesus. Such is the case in Croatia.

From Croatia’s YFC Newsletter this month

Destruction. Pain. Death. Chaos. Illness. Rubble. This is the fallen world we live in. We know all of you have been touched by these, especially this past year. During an already globally difficult year, our YFC Croatia team and our country have recently been struck by some additional heavy blows.

  • Our parents had a devastating house fire, and more parents are having serious medical problems.
  • Another team member lost his dear mother to COVID.
  • Almost all our team members and our families have had COVID, as well as other health issues.
  • Croatia was hit by a series of disastrous earthquakes; the epicenter of the strongest one was in our team members’ hometown, where their parents still live.

In the midst of all this, we cling to the truth that the cross emerges from chaos and death. Victorious. Always. May this truth carry us and comfort us afresh as we ponder it again in the light of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday!

In the middle of the chaos, we continue to thank God for your steady support of our team and the Youth for Christ ministry in Croatia, especially during these challenging times for all of you as well. THANK YOU!

We continue our ministry and are amazed at how God is even opening doors for new opportunities to bring the Gospel to the youth of Croatia!

Here are a few of the ministries highlights from Croatia:

  • Local youth ministry in the city of Rijeka continues!
  • We are starting outreach ministry in a new city in Croatia!
  • We are assisting with earthquake relief efforts!
  • Multimedia studio ministry is developing!
  • SuperWoman ministry adapts to starting in a COVID year!
  • We are planning the Summer Camp for Abandoned and Special Needs Children from Bosnia! Again!