Youth Centres in Nigeria

Between the ages of 10 and 25, the youth of Nigeria are easily influenced into cults, drugs, political thuggery, immoralities and many other vices. Nigeria Youth for Christ strives to provide a safe and healthy alternative. Their goal is to provide leadership and discipleship training through four Youth Resource Centres spread around the country of Nigeria.

In each Centre, over 200 young people will be trained each year to live purposefully and to reach their peers. A great percentage of those reached will be discipled into churches and engaged in clubs, thereby keeping them off the streets and out of trouble and productively engaged in activities related to their interests and needs. The Centres will also serve as training facilities for Youth for Christ staff and volunteers, and youth ministers from local churches.

Altogether, the four Centres will reach 800 youth nationally each year, who will in turn be reaching about 20,000 young people annually through school and community outreaches. Meanwhile, another 800 every year will be academically and economically empowered in each Centre. What a movement in a country that desperately needs Jesus.

Your gift will change lives! Here is what your donation could do: $17 will pay for internet access for one Centre for a month. $140 will cover a month’s salary for one staff member. $200 will purchase one television. $1,250 will provide the rent for one Centre for a full year!


Will you help Youth for Christ in Nigeria create four Youth Resource Centres?