Myanmar: Be a Light

Original Goal $32,168
Received so far: $4,167
Still Needed: $28,001

Twenty-two years ago, “Be a Light” ministry started in Myanmar; sharing the Gospel through songs in villages. The youth in these villages were (and still are today!) greatly influenced by drug-use, gambling, and alcohol with little to no hope for a future.

The Be a Light ministry desires to be a training ground for these youth that are interested in music. They are invited to the Myanmar Youth for Christ building to grow not only their musical skills, but to grow in their own personal Christian life through regular devotions and group discussion times. A brotherhood has developed amongst the mentors and youth, just as “iron sharpens iron”.

Twenty-two years later, this ministry is growing and thriving. The need is evident, as these musical instruments have never been updated and many are damaged and worn. These instruments are the tool in how people hear the Good News of Jesus. Any amount given will help support this amazing ministry and the hope that is offered to youth all over the country of Myanmar.

Will you help us reach our goal to support Myanmar with new instruments?