The Sponsorship program helped me a lot, because I got knowledge from Kigali Christian School (KCS) and I am still there,” said Albertine who became part of the sponsorship program in 2008 after her parents could not afford school fees anymore. About the impact of KCS on her life the Grade 12 student continued, “They gave me leadership skills because I was also a leader and they also helped me grow spiritually.” Over the years Albertine flourished. Being part of the traditional dance club, she could practice and improve her talent. At KCS, Albertine came to know Jesus. Through discipleship training she grew spiritually and loves sharing about Jesus with her friends. Furthermore, she became deputy prefect of her grade, caring for her class-mate’s needs. This year, Albertine is graduating from KCS hoping to become an architect.

Albertine’s story is not the only success-story. Since the start of Kigali Christian School (KCS) with a total enrollment of 140 students in 2006 KCS has grown by a lot. Having a second Campus in the rural area of Rwamagana the total amount of students grew to 1700 students. Plans are to build another campus in the North. With the growth of the school, the sponsorship program grew alongside. Over the years we provided quality education for over 400 students in need. Currently 250 students are enrolled in the sponsorship program thanks to your help.

Kigali Christian School, operated by Rwanda Youth for Christ, provides excellent education to train leaders in all fields to move Rwanda forward — not only helping children and their families, but the country as a whole. Students are empowered by the knowledge that someone loves them and believes in their future, restored hope in often-hopeless circumstances, and receive tools to break the cycle of poverty. Student sponsorship has allowed KCS to offer scholarships to children who otherwise could not afford the quality education that they provide.

January marked the beginning of the new school year. We have 75 new students who applied for sponsorship. Through the sponsorship program children are given a chance to learn and grow in a loving and supportive environment. Would you help us provide quality education for these students? Will you become a sponsor, investing into the future of young children?

Making a difference is easy. Sponsoring a child for $50 per month ($600/year) helps provide school supplies, lunch every day for students who might not otherwise have a decent meal, and an excellent Christian education by loving teachers. By sponsoring one of these students, you can be part of changing the lives of young children in Rwanda.