I’m a World Changer


Great news, Youth for Christ is pioneering 12 new nations so far in 2012. Thanks to World Changers, we are now partners in bringing the life-changing message of Jesus into every one of them.

What a joy!

Sam and Mary Gayle Wolgemuth – USA


We are thrilled to be joining a community of Youth for Christ “World Changers”. The small dollars in a monthly sustaining model will hopefully be more impactful than many dollars from a few. Praying that we become a part of a very large community of committed World Changers.

Cheerful Givers,

Bill and Carol Williams – USA


World Changers! What a great name and a great idea to fund pioneering projects in new nations – lots of people sharing in the vision at a manageable level. I hope that many take up the challenge. It really stretches my budget, but I can’t think of a more worthwhile way to be stretched!

I’ve met some of these incredible and dynamic young leaders who are pioneering new nations within the movement. They are of the highest caliber. They have a zest for living and for Jesus and they can think of nothing more important than sharing with their peers across the globe, the life-changing message of Christ. They sacrifice much on a regular basis to make that happen. Resources are needed to support and develop these young leaders and to build infrastructure and sustainability.

God is blessing what Youth for Christ is doing across the nations. I want to be a part of that and this is one way I can.

Jane Knowles – Australia


Erika and I became World Changers because of what Youth for Christ International is able to do with such limited resources and the impact they have on so many around the world. The best part of being a World Changer is seeing the impact, the growth and the spiritual return in the lives of young people. We see it as an investment in the Kingdom, sharing the message of Jesus but also serving the people where they need it most. Unbelievable ministry seeing amazing change in the lives of young people around the world.

Joe Oltmann