Reaching Kids in Romania

Jean-Philippe Longeron, National Director, Youth for Christ Romania

Youth for Christ wants to raise young leaders characterised by godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, boldness in evangelism, and a commitment to social involvement.

How better to be committed to social involvement than to serve the Roma (gypsy) community?

RomaniaWhen the European Union opened their doors to Romania in 2007, they gradually gave more rights and more freedom to travel and to work in other countries. Since that time, Western European countries have received millions of Romanians, some of whom have very good jobs. However, many, especially from the Roma community, have ended up coming to beg and/or to offer themselves up for prostitution.

Many Western churches asked Youth for Christ in Romania for advice confronting this new reality. Leaders on the ground have come to believe that the best way to take care of them is “in their own country where they can have a job, a land and a house… And the best time to approach them is before they’re old enough to leave, when they are teenagers.”

It goes without saying that often, the best way to connect to teens is to know them since before they were teenagers – as kids. Youth for Christ belives the best way to help them is to connect them with Jesus, who is the only one who loves them perfectly and can really significantly help them in the many difficult situations they face.

This is why Youth for Christ in Romania works daily with kids and teens from these communities through Sunday School, sport events, summer camps and more – so they can learn how they need help and help them in practical ways, as well as to help them find new hope as they connect with Jesus.

Thanks you for your continued prayers for the ministry of Youth for Christ in Romania. Enjoy the video below, which features some highlights of this unique ministry to the Roma people.