Trusella Dingle

Paddy and Trusella have been ministering in The Gambia for over five years. Paddy comes under the umbrella as an Anglican Priest. Trusella has been a missionary with YFC for 20 years.

Paddy and Trusella started Samaritana Gambia, West Africa in 2014. It is now a Gambian led ministry, which shows acts of love towards those who have been sexually abused.

Trusella accompanies each victim and her family to court. She makes sure that the victims have transport funds and sit with victims and their families while they are in court. Sometimes victims need to go to the doctor in reference to their abuse. Trusella makes sure that victims get to the doctor. Samaritana Gambia pays for their doctor’s visits and submits the results as evidence to the court.

In reference to evidence, Trusella maintains Samaritana Gambia’s personal case file and rescue repeatedly lost case documents and make sure that these documents get into the hands of the prosecutor. Trusella received her law degree from the University of Canterbury, School of Law in 2014, New Zealand; she is waiting to be admitted to The Gambia Bar. Once admitted, she will be able to represent each victim under the ministry of Samaritana Gambia.

Many times, these victims as well as their families, do not have enough food. Trusella is responsible for making sure food distribution gets to victims and their families.

Trusella also oversees Recyclable Sanitary Kits. She connects with the Care Person in charge and that person makes sure Samaritana Gambia has all the materials and things needed to make the Recyclable Sanitary Kits for girls. This is like a form of Occupational Therapy for victims. Some Kits are sold and some are given away to those girls who cannot afford it. The Kits last up to three (3) years and victims are paid to make them.

Trusella and Paddy also train Samaritana Gambia’s team members to conduct 3-week School Presentations focusing on Good Touch/Bad Touch, Relationships, and other pertinent topics.

Trusella and Paddy also oversee that Samaritana Gambia’s shelter is well equipped to intake potential victims/survivors of sexual abuse. Our shelter is under the guidance of the Department of Social Welfare of the Gambia.

Trusella loves doing long-term rehab ministry with victims/survivors in Group Therapy. This consists of twice a month coming together to share about their journey through Art, Physical Exercise, Puppet Work, Dancing, Drama etc, as well as individual mentoring. Songs and Bible stories are also shared with our victims/survivors during our rehab ministry. Prayers for victims/survivors and their families are also offered.

Paddy and Trusella have a blended family. Their eldest and only daughter, Consuela (Sway) and (Otis) are Pastors of a church in the Bronx, NY and also work as Christian Consultants in the area of helping married couples start their own businesses, called “Marriedpreneur”; our eldest son, Sam and (Shan Shan) are missionaries to Taiwan and have two children, Jessica (5) and Elijah (2). The second eldest, Joseph and (Kasey) have one son, Jaxson (6); and Joseph works in construction in New Zealand. The last son, Daniel and (Katie) have two sons, Franklin (5) and John (3); Daniel works as a cemetery groundskeeper and also a part-time youth pastor at a local church in New Zealand.