Greg Jewell

Greg and Rox Jewell are serving with Youth for Christ in George, South Africa. Greg is working with the Kidstop Program in the community of Borcherds. YFC George found that most of the kids who are on the streets come from this community. Because of this, they set up a community center to help prevent kids from going to the streets. Greg is focusing on the street work which involves building relationships with kids on the streets and also with the kids in the community. This involves a lot of walking and talking which is right up Greg’s alley.

Rox is working with the Options Center in George which is run by YFC. Options started out as a pregnancy resource center and has grown into many other aspects of health and family life. Because she studied social work at the University of Cape Town, she’s a welcome addition to the team and is looking forward to getting plugged in wherever they need her, whether it be in counseling, group sessions, training or admin. She’s quite comfortable in all these roles.

It’s exciting to be spreading the Gospel both in words and in deeds.