General Assembly Brings Together Global Youth for Christ Community

Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands – Last week, Youth for Christ International witnessed a heartwarming reunion as over 850 individuals from 80 nations gathered for General Assembly. This momentous event marked a long-awaited return to in-person interactions, following a six-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Assembly’s days were brimming with spiritual activities, bonding, and cultural celebrations. Attendees engaged in prayer sessions, Bible study, uplifting worship, enlightening workshops, and discussions on youth work. Sharing stories and reconnecting with colleagues from around the world were a major part of General Assembly 2023, with a theme of “Together”.

One of the standout moments was CultureFest, where delegates showcased their traditional attire, offering a delightful glimpse into their diverse backgrounds.

Worship and fellowship were at the core of the Assembly, with attendees gathering every morning and evening for worship, listening to inspiring sermons, and engaging in group prayer sessions. The worship band added to the spiritual experience, and many found it akin to a taste of heaven. The hope is that this spiritual renewal will be carried back to their respective countries and ministries.

Participants also had the chance to come together as regions twice during the conference. This gave them the opportunity to learn about the unique ministries in each region, share stories, and celebrate those who’ve dedicated many years to Youth for Christ, including John Sagherian, who marked an impressive 50 years of service.

A notable addition to this year’s assembly was the inclusion of Young Leaders from across the globe. Young Leaders injected youthful energy into both main sessions and dedicated Young Leaders sessions. The enthusiasm was palpable, and the Young Leaders’ program is set to continue.

Despite the joyous atmosphere, there were some who couldn’t attend due to visa denials, health concerns, or family issues. The Youth for Christ community expressed their heartfelt wishes for their presence at future gatherings.

The assembly also took time to address the ongoing conflict situations in various areas and engaged in collective prayer for all those living in regions of tension and war, sending their thoughts, strength, wisdom, connectedness, and Jesus’ love to those in difficult circumstances.

General Assembly 2023 was a powerful reminder of the strength and unity of the global Youth for Christ community, and attendees left with renewed spirits and a deep sense of connection to their fellow members from around the world.

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