Wakeup Deborah: Praying for Children & Teenagers

Parents on their knees, Children on their feet.

Wakeup Deborah’s vision is to raise a generation committed to God as an answer to the prayers of intercessory mothers: teenagers and young people saved by Jesus and committed to God His word and His ministry work. 

All of this starts with our biological, spiritual and adopted children, who will impact the world with the gospel.  Wakeup Deborah exists to fulfill this mission. Our role is to challenge mothers, so that they have a daily prayer commitment for their children and for the world’s youth until God raises a generation committed to Him. 

Wakeup Deborah is one of the ministries of Youth for Christ and we believe that all activities where young people reach each other, are the answers to our prayers. For this reason we support all YFC departments with our prayers and presence when necessary during the activities of YFC and, when requested, we are there with them assisting in practical activities. For example, in the breakfasts offered to teachers, schools, or lecturers, subsidising the participation of volunteers in training, among many other activities. Today we are more than 150,000 mothers spread across more than 60 countries. 

Join us and be a mother who also bears fruit for eternity.

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