The Gambia – Educating, Discipling, and Training Leaders

From Hilary Lewis-Nicol, Area Director

Presently there is a new group of 40 young people in the discipleship program. In the past six months, five volunteers from Germany and Canada served in several schools (Nursery, Primary and secondary schools) teaching English, Math and sharing their faith with the non- Christian students. God’s hand has been with them as they do ministry in the hospitals. Three of the foreign volunteers assisted nurses in different wards in Serrekunda. In one of the National cleaning days they helped clean the Serrekunda Police station which had been infested with a lot of mosquitoes.

The Youth for Christ school, Zoe day care/Nursery and Primary school, started last year September and is growing so rapidly bringing liberation and empowerment to many children.  90% of the children are being sponsored. Please join hands with them as they still seek partners to help children who are roaming the streets of Banjul, whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

The Adult Literacy Program is taking shape and bringing light to over 35 adults who never had the opportunity to darken the shadows of a school. The teachers are very encouraged to know that these adult students diligently show up at the Youth for Christ center two days a week to acquire literacy and numeracy skills. The teaching sessions give the volunteers the opportunity to share the message of salvation with them.

football tournament was organized for the young people in one of their neighborhoods. The gospel message was shared at different points during the tournament. In partnership with the Scripture Union and Gambia Evangelical Fellowship of Students, a Jesus March was held along the busy streets of Banjul, proclaiming the word of God. Two young people gave their lives to God and some others rededicated their lives also.

Over 6 months now, Youth for Christ Gambia have interacted with 83 leaders of various institutions including the Gambia University student leaders. The leadership sessions they had with the students gave them the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with them and which presently are yielding many positive results. One of their future plans is to build a skills training centre at Brufut.