Tawanda Denga has a name that means “We are many in heaven.”

Tawanda was a very troubled young man. You name it, he did it. He first heard of Jesus and accepted Him at a church youth camp in April 2000.

For quite awhile, Tawanda continued living a sinful life. He claimed to be a Christian but had not made Jesus Lord of his life. In 2002 he realized his life was not right. Convicted through a reading of the book of Romans, he decided to devote his life to God and ministry.

I thought my mother, a Christian, would encourage me but that was not the case. She moved me to Plumtree to work in the family business after my cosmetology course.

Tawanda became bitter toward God for letting this happen and returned to a wayward life of sin in the world. But God in His plans and wisdom did not leave Tawanda to his own devices.

In October of 2003 he had an encounter with the Lord.

Outside, on a noisy business street with radios playing, people were shouting, and cars were moving and hooting the whole inshalardah. Inside, Tawanda was taking a break in his flat when all of a sudden there was total silence and he heard a voice saying:

Tawanda, why are you hurting me? Don’t you know that I love you?”

That was all the voice said, but Tawanda knew it was Jesus talking to him. He prayed and asked God to show him a sign that He wanted him to do God’s will, by “causing my mother to allow let me to start in ministry without me bringing it up.” GOD was faithful and within a week his mother called him, asked him whether he wanted to continue working at the salon or not. His immediate response was a definite “No” and she released him. He started being active in youth ministry in Bulawayo then became a volunteer with Youth for Christ in 2004.

He continued with Youth for Christ as a volunteer until 2009. His best friend fell ill, breast cancer infected his mother and he had to help out with the medical bills forcing him to find employment, since medical aid was not available. So he stopped serving as much at Youth for Christ, helping out where he could. His mother got worse and she passed on in May 2010 leaving him broken to the point of suicide. However God spoke to him again and said that He had a plan for Tawanda’s life and all the prayer his mother invested would not go to waste.

He loves ministering to the lost young people and seeing them come to know Jesus gives him more satisfaction than anything else.

I thank God for Youth for Christ and the opportunity to serve my Lord Jesus. I love what I do!

I am now back in the Youth for Christ ministry in Zimbabwe and most importantly I have been given such freedom I so much wished for to use the tools I believe will reach more and more young people.

I am sure that God is with me and the work that He started in me, He will complete it.

Music, drama and dance are just a few of the tools Tawanda is using to impact his generation.

Surely, Tawanda is now a tool to populate heaven through ministering the gospel. As his name says: “Many in Heaven”.