Talented Youth "Blaze" in India

Youth for Christ in India is thrilled to report that their talent contest, “BLAZE 2012,” came to fruition on 14 October, 2012.

Blaze is an annual event in Pondicherry, conducted by Pondicherry Youth for Christ. Once again, the event saw an amazing turnout. Young people from 15 institutions, as well as their friends who came to cheer them, participated in this event. A total number of around 530 people gathered together for Blaze 2012.

A quiz was conducted on the book of Matthew, and little ones from Stansford International school “raced” to the finish line to finish first. Organizers were thrilled to see young people commit themselves to 2 months of intense study of the book of Matthew.

The evening was “set on fire” by some serious singing competition this year. The singing competition was divided into 2 categories: Schools, and Churches & Colleges. Both categories had some fierce competition. In the end, Stansford International School, once again, bagged the top honours, along with Hosanna AG Church.

The event has served its purpose well as a “contact builder” with young people, and Youth for Christ is doing well at contacting new young people to expand their reach further into Pondicherry.

Additionally, India Youth for Christ reports that a Youth Leadership Training School held in Port Blair on 5 & 6 September 2012 saw 54 young people from 13 different churches participate. Also, a Media Workshop in Haddo hosted 27 young people, teaching the basics and foundation of media, along with how to use these in ministry.