Refreshed and Recharged

To reach youth for Christ, energy is used to dream up creative outreach approaches to interact genuinely with active youth and to meet some of their needs. Sometimes, in different seasons of our lives, we can end up tired and depleted. But within the Singapore team, there is a commitment to keeping God as a priority. He is faithfully strengthening perspective, refreshing and encouraging the team, so that they are able to continue serving.

Sara is a young mother, supervises volunteers, plans activities and monitors progress in the secondary school and junior college ministries. She draws proper perspective from God’s word – the encouragement Paul received when hearing about the Thessalonians’ faith and love. With God’s strength, together with others who share the same passion for the gospel, even in moments of weakness, she is able to bring glory to God.

Richard heads the band and production teams in the performing arts ministry. He has two young daughters adjusting to school and is pioneering a bi-monthly music outreach platform. In order to keep refreshed and focused He spends as much time as possible talking with God about his struggles and seeking refreshment in the word. Even though the moments are sometimes hard to maintain, they keep him dependant on God.

James keeps God and people as a key aspect of his ministry. For him, it is a priority to spend time loving God through studying scripture and spending time in prayer, while also spending non negotiable time with family, coworkers and ministry supporters. He finds encouragement to faithfully serve in seeing selfless commitment from coworkers and volunteers, knowing that he is not alone in serving the Lord.

Even in seasons where becoming tired and depleted seems a reasonable response, God is providing the strength needed to continue His work.

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