Reaching Young People in the Dominican Republic

From the Desk of the International Director

On basketball courts, soccer fields, clubs and classrooms, rural areas and urban centers, God is reaching young people through Youth for Christ. Over 60,000 Youth for Christ staff and volunteers serve on your behalf reaching young people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

One of those early Youth for Christ staff members said years ago, “I find that young people all over the world want…something to really believe in. Something that’s intellectually logical and something that will satisfy their hearts and give them an experience…a spiritual experience. I want to tell you if you come to Jesus Christ, you’ve found it.” (Billy Graham, Youth for Christ’s first full-time evangelist)

Today, Youth for Christ remains committed to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all young people. We always seek to do so with urgency, using the most culturally acceptable means. We hope these stories will give you a glimpse at how that is happening in a few of the over 100 nations Youth for Christ is working in around the world.

Reaching Young People in the Dominican Republic

I used to live alone by myself, no partners, no friends, nothing like that. I didn’t respect God. I did not have any respect for him. I used to tell God really bad words. I was really angry with God for many other things.

The program (the Youth for Christ Sports Academy) for me is really meaningful. I got to know about love. I got to know more about Jesus, to have faith, to share with friends good moments.

I received Jesus when I came to the Sports Academy. I met two teachers who taught me a few things about Christ and I accepted Christ as my Savior. Although I don’t deserve it, I thank the Lord so much, because all the sins I’ve done against him he forgave me for all of that.

-Nando, age 16, Dominican Republic

Using sports as a tool for evangelism and discipleship, Youth for Christ in the Dominican Republic has developed a Sports Academy. Nando is one of over 100 young people involved in the soccer, basketball and volleyball groups. Led by Youth for Christ staff and volunteers, the young people are gathering weekly, or daily in some cases, praying together, studying the Bible, working on their sports and then reflecting on how the game relates to what they just studied in the Bible.