Oranges, the team’s staple food when on ministry road trips. Last year it was with Team Buyela from Youth for Christ in South Africa.
Above, Precious Moyo (left) with Caroline Muzondo while out in Mashake rural community just outside Victoria Falls, ministering at a village school in July 2013.

Precious Moyo, a first year student at Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom, got involved with Youth for Christ in the preliminary casting of ‘Red Factor’ –  a creative arts ministry production to be presented in theatre, schools and communities. She was part of a small contingent to the team’s first trip to Youth Week in South Africa since 1985. This camp, held in the first week of January 2013, is an eye opener for many young people who are inspired to be part of what God is doing through various Youth for Christ ministries. Soon after returning from Youth Week, Precious got involved in a volunteer program, where she served on the team until she went to university in September. What follows is her story about her journey with the Youth for Christ ministry in Zimbabwe.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Youth for Christ family. Each and everyone involved has played a significant role in my personal, and, most importantly, spiritual, growth. Moving to Leeds for university has been a big step.  l have left so much behind – from friends to family and – Home! But l have so much to look forward to, especially when standing in the promises of God. When l look back, l realize how much l learned from ‘Red Factor’, Youth Week, the April camps and CTI Ministry tour… l thank God for the privilege l had to be part of such an amazing team with the craziest, most incredible, loving people. I love you guys so much and l miss you a whole lot!”

Youth for Christ sees the potential in every young person, and the time invested in them is meant to help develop godly and exemplary character, helping them to have a clearer perspective of their purpose – especially in their relationship with Christ for their future. Hopefully, this helps them become courageous to step out of their comfort zones making a difference for Jesus. The April 2013 Holiday camps were the first such camps Youth for Christ has run in Zimbabwe in years, and CTI music ministries sent a team for the first time since 1998. So Precious got in on all the new pioneering experiences in one year. That has positively impacted and grown her, preparing her to step out of her usual city life, comforts and home to be a student in a foreign college and nation. Her staff leader in Zimbabwe says, “We thank God for her faith as she stands on Christ and the promises of God to never leave her. We wish her all the blessings and success God has in store as she studies in England over the next few years.