New Beginning for Polish Youth

Marking the start of a new year with a conference called “The Beginning,” Youth for Christ in Poland recently saw an outpouring of passionate faith through worship and testimonies.

Organizer Marcela Chyba collaborated with young people from her city and other towns. She says of the purpose  of the conference:

 It was for the younger generation, who live passionately for Christ, to show their peers that it is possible and available to everybody to live a life in the power of the One who alone is wise, and has the power to transform our hearts, regardless of age or knowledge. He has given us authority and power and wants us to make good use of it to build His kingdom every day. He is the God of not only our parents, but ours. That was the message we wanted to convey throughout the event.

Several of the young people invited to the conference were asked to share their experience, the faith lessons they have been taught by Jesus. Attendees report that it was “amazing” and “refreshing” to hear from moving stories from people who were 20 years old or even younger, sharing God’s work in their lives. Over 200 young people started the new year with worship in their hearts and praise on their lips, dancing in joy and gratitude before God, their Father.

Staff were happy to see so many youth devote wholeheartedly so much of their time to the preparation and running of the conference. A group of volunteers worked hard from morning to night so that everything would go well.

The conference was undoubtedly a real “beginning” of a new life, not just for a moment, but for eternity. The conference organizer is already looking forward to another similar event in the future.