Impact Stories - Bolivia's "Beyond Success" Program

Naydelin, is a young woman from the city of Sucre, capital of Bolivia, who tells us that
she lived in depression and sadness and without motivation to live.

“My life had no meaning, I felt I was drifting, aimlessly. I didn’t know what I wanted, nothing motivated me enough and I wasn’t finding my way in life.”

Perhaps you have identified with these words; most of us feel this way at some point.

Downturns and existential crises are inevitable at certain stages.

Naydelin said, “Do I need to make changes in my life? What do I feel? What do I want? Do I give myself the priority I need? Am I really who I want to be?”

She tells us that while she was passing her classes she realized that she was thinking a lot
about herself. “It’s like while you stay focused on a goal or a person, you don’t pay attention to
what’s happening inside you.” While she described her life as having no meaning, she connected with God.

Naydelin decided to give her life to Jesus, but did not stop there. Today she is part of a discipleship group with her friend Rubí who also participated in YFC Bolivia’s “Beyond Success” course. It has been more than 4 weeks since the discipleship began and she continues to learn more about the life and work of Jesus Christ.