“More” Conference Challenges USA Staff

by Allison Washington

Youth for Christ USA’s Midwinter conference provides an opportunity to connect YFC leaders from around the USA, a chance to sharpen skills and rekindle hearts towards the ministry of reaching lost kids.

As the seats filled up for the 2014 conference, the atmosphere did the same – attendees described it as ‘filled with energy’ and ‘electric’. Hearts were open, as reflected by New Yorker Rayski Villegas, who tweeted, “I’m looking forward to what my Saviour will do in my heart over these next few days.”

The theme of the week for 2014 was “More”. President Dan Wolgemuth began to share a message of more dreams than memories, more students coming to know Jesus, more renewal of passion for the ministry God has led people all over the country into. A question of what “More” might look like, whether as a youth worker, stay at home mom, electrician, student, gourmet chef: God want’s more in our lives and He has bigger plans for us than we have allowed him to realize in us.

And in the midst of the skits and videos put on by a national team of youth workers came the phrase, “We Could Do That!” whispered by multiple groups of people as they saw the dreams of others in action.

There was time spent looking back – celebrations for staff who had faithfully served for decades, stories of Billy Graham and the first days of this now worldwide ministry – but not much. Even in the looking back, there was a focus on moving forward. Our yesterdays provide us with a platform to rise higher, serve better and love deeper.

The events of the beginning are the movement to carry the story to the end. As Neil O’Boyle, Vice President of YFCI put it, “If we’re willing to do what’s possible, God will do the impossible.