Ministry Report from Kenya

From Grace Ojiambo, National Director


One of the most exciting developments are missions teams with 96 new and 16 existing volunteers trained and sent out to reach youth people with the message of Christ and abstinence. The results have been amazing. 42,968 young people were reached with 9,960 giving their lives to Christ and 20,007 committing to sexual purity. 5,053 of them are being discipled which happens with team members meeting weekly with young people in schools. Discipleship is still a major challenge but we know that God will continue to raise up people to disciple those we can’t. One young person was heard to say “we have never had anyone speak to us like that about sexuality. We thank God for bringing our fellow young people to teach us.” The team also had a weekly abstinence program for 15 weeks on Fish FM in Eldoret which has a reach of more than 250,000 listeners. One of the exciting moments for the missions’ team was when the motor bikes that had been donated by an anonymous donor for mini stry arrived. They have made mapping work for schools so much easier.


The new team has reached 5,000 young people with 100 giving their lives to Christ. Wherever they go they attract crowds of young people because of their dance. They take this ministry so seriously that they have overnight training: Bible study, prayer and practice dance throughout the night and it shows in the ministry. One young person who was reached by Vina said “It’s amazing how these young guys can work in harmony and with one heart for the sake of the Kingdom of God. I have been before I backslid but after Vina ministered to us through dance and word, I have decided to go back where I fell and pick up the pieces and continue with the journey.”


3,572 young people were reached in Kibera with 1,200 giving their lives to Christ and 40 being discipled. There are exciting things happening at Kibera as they have meetings every day of the week in the evenings.

2,500 young people were reached for Christ and then trained and challenged on abstinence. Of these young people, 84 were girls were from Girls Probation Centre and from the Remand Home who the staff and volunteers have been seeing weekly. A concert held attracted 170 young people .


The home has seen God’s miracles this year. For the first time ever, all the educational needs for the 30 boys were catered for by a Kenyan bank and friends from Australia. Supporters in the USA have helped sponsor 14 of the boys in the home, raised funds for a greenhouse and a new water pump for a bore hole. They also brought shoes, clothes and other gifts to the boys when visiting the home. One of the boys did so well in the National Primary Exams that he is being sponsored by another financial institution to educate through to university level! The local Presbyterian Church has continued to provide chaplaincy and Daystar University provides discipleship and mentoring. Two of the seven new boys have given their lives to Christ. We raise our hands and praise God for upholding Taraja.


A new program called “Sisters Keeper”, a discipleship/mentoring concept where a student is assigned to a staff or volunteer at the Rehab for mentoring and discipleship, has worked well. One of the girls at the Rehab said “when I discovered I was pregnant, I was confused, devastated not knowing where to turn to. One day, I opened up to my pastor who brought me to the Rehab… nine months of struggling came to an end and now I have a very healthy baby girl called Shanice Joy Lihari who gives me much joy. God has opened many doors and Jeremiah 29:11 is very real to me. My father who was very angry with me at first is not so angry anymore. I have been, and continue to be, trained. My redeemer surely lives as I have seen marvelous deeds of God upon my life. I have been forgiven and now I have hope.”


The team train 20-30 women monthly to pray for their youth and in June had 50 women challenged to raise Kings and Queens as they trust the Lord and pray for the young people of Kenya. Nyambura who has been assisting Njoki takes over the ministry as well as being the National Prayer Coordinator. We praise God for this move and trust Him for greater things. On a visit to Eldoret, Nyambura was on local radio talking about Operation Hannah. There was a lot of interest as listeners asked questions wanting to know more about Operation Hannah and hopefully a new Operation Hannah group will be formed.


57 clients were seen, some of whom have been referred to our sister shelter in Murang’a where they have been taken care of and have delivered safely. Barbara Porter graciously came to Kenya from the UK to train 13 volunteers in Nairobi and 13 in Murang’a on Equipped to Serve, a Crisis Pregnancy Counseling training. Gail Barrett from Florida trained on post-abortion counseling. We thank God for equipping us for ministry.


One of the highlights in the second quarter was a 4-day retreat for all the staff and volunteers where 97 were able to attend. The theme of Intimacy before Impact was well received by all. Jane, the coordinator of Crisis Pregnancy Ministries in Nairobi had this to say, “The greatest event for me was the April Retreat in Nakuru. This gave me an opportunity to interact with the Youth for Christ family and to learn more about the work, the vision and mission. It was an exciting time for me.”

God has been faithful, from January to August, 54,217 young people were reached, 11,265 gave their lives to Christ and 20,007 pledged purity till marriage. 5,221 are being discipled. There have been more than 60 training events in different provinces and regions.

There are still many challenges but we focus on what God has done and give Him the praise.

All this is possible because you allowed God to use you as you prayed and gave.