Ministry Partnership serves Teen mothers in Uganda

Hope House of Colorado is a ministry that offers a home, mentoring and life skills training for teenage mothers and their children. The ministry partners with a similar home in Uganda, which is sponsored by Youth for Christ.

Several Hope House staff members recently went to Uganda to work with the the teen mothers ministry there.

Below is an introduction to the Youth for Christ teen mothers ministry in Uganda, as well as information about the Hope House trip to serve the women and children there.

Travel to Uganda with Us!

Three years ago Miriam came to Hope House for the first time – all the way from Entebbe, Uganda! She wanted to thank our teen mothers for sending letters and blankets to “her girls”. Miriam is the Director of Mirembe House and Suubi Home, two Youth for Christ homes for teen mothers in Uganda. Miriam taught our Hope House girls about teen parenting in Africa. Her eyes glistened as she shared that many of her teen mothers had become pregnant by rape or incest, and how their families had disowned them when they became pregnant. It was poignant to watch our young mothers connect, and understand on a personal level, the pain of a fellow teen mother a world away. I connected with Miriam as well – astonished that God had filled our hearts with the same passion for teen mothers, on two different continents!

Our partnership has since blossomed, and on April 29th, three Hope House staff members will journey to Uganda for two weeks- and you’re invited to come along! Follow our staff through blogs and pictures as they teach parenting classes, study skills, and Bible studies to 80 teen mothers in Uganda! In coming months we will connect our girls in Uganda with our teen mothers in Denver, through blogs, letters, pictures and prayer time. It shouldn’t be a surprise to me, but somehow, God’s vision of “community” among our teen mothers was WAY bigger than mine!

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Lisa Steven
Executive Director, Hope House of Colorado

Suubi (Hope) House in Uganda…

Posted by Hope House of Colorado on May 2, 2011 at 1:30pm

Today, our team visited Suubi House, where 6 teen mothers and their kiddos live as they pursue higher education and careers.

We were in awe as we stepped into the house and realized it felt just like “our” Hope House. It feels safe and peaceful and the girls take pride in how nice their home is. At Hope House, in Arvada, CO, we always say there is just something about the house that is warm, welcoming and captures your heart.

Our three staff members agreed that Suubi House felt the exact same way. It is amazing to see God’s love and provision for teen mothers around the world.

As we gathered around their living room, the young mothers and staff served us cold sodas as we exchanged introductions and heard their stories. We were honored and felt very much at home. It is amazing to see that what is most important for them, is a community to belong to.

Spending more time at Suubi House!

Posted by Hope House of Colorado on May 9, 2011 at 1:30am

Our three staff members from Hope House of Colorado were able to spend a few hours at Suubi House, Uganda last Thursday. We gave introductions, got a tour of the home, our parenting teacher gave a lesson, took many pictures and shared lots of laughs. It is amazing to see the sense of community they have at Suubi House. It is apparent that the girls who are living at Suubi are thriving. The support of Youth for Christ and How101, community, love and safety that is provided there is truly making a difference. Their girls are noticeably different than the others. When our Parenting teacher spoke to the girls about the normal struggles of parenting, one of the teen mothers, named Immaculate, opened up and shared her story with us! She said that she had in the past struggled with being affectionate with her little one and has now learned how to show her love. She completely connected with what our teacher was saying! It’s amazing to see God’s love and our work at Hope House travel to another continent!

Top right: Teen mother, Immaculate and her daughter Immy

Below: Teen mothers and children at Suubi House, Uganda

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