Message & The Messenger

Both the message of the Gospel and the character of the messenger are equally important in the ministry of Singapore Youth for Christ.

We seek to responsibly present the message of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and also value the character of the messenger and will go to great lengths to equip the youth to share this message and live a life worthy of the calling.

CCIS (Celebrate Christmas in Singapore) 2010 and Project Serve 2011 were two major platforms in which we involved Christian youth to reach out to other youth in Singapore.

On the busy street of Orchard Road from 17-23 Dec 2010, 861 young messengers gave their time to spread the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. The young messengers were equipped to not only tell the story but to explain the significance behind the whole Christmas story. After their experience at CCIS 2010, many Christian youth wondered why they had never seriously taken Christmas as an opportune occasion to share the meaning of their Saviour’s birth with their non-Christian friends! We thank God that they now see the season in a different light!

One of the fundamentals they guard closely in Project Serve is the equipping of Christian youth to present the Gospel in a clear and concise way. “Two Ways to Live” is a simple and visual presentation and an excellent tool for this purpose (it’s developed by Matthias Media, an Australian Christian Group). The Project Servants were taught to memorize six Gospel truths, each accompanied by a drawing. They would then draw as they verbally present each truth. Using this particular method, 95 Project Servants shared the Gospel in January with strangers and friends.

Do continue to pray with SYFC that we will be faithful to share the undiluted message of the Gospel. Hudson Taylor once said: “God’s people doing God’s work will never lack God’s supply.” May God continually send to us His messengers for His kingdom work.

Written by Eric Teo

West Area Coordinator, Singapore Youth for Christ