Looking Back, Moving Forward

Youth for Christ Australia is in an exciting place currently. They are seeing new fruit from ministry, hearing stories of young people making decisions for God, and experiencing new opportunities to expand its mission. They attribute this forward momentum to looking back and realigning themselves to the place where the Youth for Christ movement was first birthed – as “an evangelistic youth movement’.  In the last two years, Australia has seen new initiatives take root, like an internship program to apprentice youth to staff for 1 year, and the development of young evangelist training camps to equip teenagers to reach out to their peers.

Believing that the most qualified people to reach the youth of Australia are the youth of Australia, Youth for Christ has designed a young evangelist training camp that is taking place in 5 locations this year. Two have already happened, two will take place this month, and a final camp will take place in August.  Pray for the youth who will be attending these camps and for the staff that will journey with them, raising them up to be Christian leaders who bring about transformation.


Adapted from YFC Australia Update