"Light Project" Addresses Teen Loneliness

from Alexander Dubinin, Rock Solid Coordinator (Ukraine)

What better way to end a frosty and sunny day than with a meeting of “Light Project” – the Youth for Christ club of Kiev, Ukraine?

Addressing the topic of loneliness, the leaders addressed the reality that many young people who spend most of their time on social networks and whose Facebook friend list may number 1,000 ore more “friends” do not really know how to communicate in real life. The group discussed the importance of real life, face-to-face relationships and not allowing online involvements to get other aspects of life out of balance.

A creative team of youth came and showed a drama about how wrong it is to judge people, even if it seems that they are very stale. This performance got everyone thinking about their attitude toward other people. Following the drama, a special video demonstrated how we can be “prickly” to other people, while very lonely at the same time.

One of the leaders of the club, Vladimir Alexeev, came out on stage and told a parable that it is not good for a person to be alone, because everyone becomes better when he/she has a friend or loved one.

After a time of singing, Vladimir called the youth to come to terms with their Creator and to begin a new relationship with their Lord.

It is very encouraging to see so many young people respond to challenges such as this. Thank you for continuing to pray for the ministry of Youth for Christ in the Ukraine.