Lebanon Launches Project D

From Lindy Ann Masri, Ministry Coordinator

The last Friday in November saw nearly 50 young people and their leaders gathered for the launch of our Project ‘D’. This is the name of a discipleship program involving small groups of up to 8 students with two leaders, who will be meeting on a regular basis to share and learn together what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

We will be working through a book called Clear, and have asked the young people who want to be involved to make a firm commitment: to their group, to their decision to seek God’s influence in their lives, to be honest with themselves and their group members, to be ready to share from what they have studied and from their experiences as well as to be accountable to and for each other.

This is a big challenge for these teens, who find themselves with busy lives and many pressures, but we believe that by intentionally investing in these young people, and journeying with them, we are helping to raise up the leaders of this generation, who will be the ones to reach their friends and peers with the gospel of Jesus.