Kenema, Blama Provinces Reaping a Harvest

From Abu Stephen Conteh, National Director

This report focuses on ministry accomplished in the past quarter in local provinces with special reference to Kenema and Blama.


  1. Prison: For this quarter, Youth for Christ reached an average of 37 young people in Sierra Leone prisons. A total of 34 prayed to receive Christ as personal Lord and Savior.
  2. Family tracing: – 49 families were traced, 16 families responded positively and are now also finding ways to get their families out of prison. Seven were released, 1 died, two out-of-town and 4 in-town. The four in town are attending church, with two of them engaged in skills training (masonry & welding).
  3. Physically challenged: About a dozen disabled people reached through Youth for Christ have grown into a church and are pleading for YFC to link them up with pastors for Sunday services.


The major activity in Kenema this quarter was a two-day Operation Hannah seminar. After the workshop with board and staff, staff person Juliet was able to work with two area churches to form Operation Hannah prayer triplets.

Prayer triplets are engaging an average of 11 women and 13 children in prayer, meeting on Fridays for prayer and fasting. One pregnant woman who was prayed for on a Friday delivered safely on Sunday. She later shared that had it not been for the fervent prayers that were offered, she would have needed an operation.

An additional Operation Hannah group meets on Blama on Thursdays for prayer and fasting, with an average attendance of 13.

Discipleship & Follow-up

Forty-eight young people were followed up and thirty six of them were contacted.

Discipleship is ongoing in the Burma Community with seven young people taking part. Three of them are now attending church.

Church Ministry

This team is working closely with three churches in the Burma I, II and Hegbema communities. Activities undertaken include teaching and training.

The average attendance of young people at one of these churches is 7. The young people were not meeting and Youth for Christ created this opportunity for them.

Training was also done to raise evangelistic teams and three of the young people are now volunteers in the Youth for Christ evangelism team and also part of the Church evangelism team.


For this quarter ministry was done in two major Hospitals — Government and Banya Hospitals. Major activities included prayer, exhortation and follow-up on discharged young people.



Tremendous strides have been taken for the success and sustainability of a ministry in Blama. A basic training was done with the volunteers in Blama for effective and efficient ministry. Youth guidance, Evangelism and Missions Youth club ministry teams have been created. Volunteers were given the opportunity to prayerfully look into them and to choose the one that fits.

  1. Evangelism: 87 young people were reached in partnership with churches; 69 prayed to receive Christ; 18 young people are now part of the local church.

  2. Clinic/ hospital: An average of 39 patients were prayed for and led to Christ; 12 prayed to receive Christ and three are now attending churches in the Blama community.
  3. Police Ministry: An average of 67 police were reached; 24 prayed to receive Christ three are now attending churches.