Journeying On: Youth for Christ's Mission to Empower Sudanese Communities

In the midst of recent challenges in the capital city, Wad Madani, our Youth for Christ (YFC) offices remain steadfast in our commitment to continue the ministry. Determined to make a difference, our National Coordinator, Sabet Adam, embarked on a courageous journey with two YFC staff members, Amos and Philippos. Together, they drove our YFC pick-up truck for four hours southeast of Khartoum to reach the towns of al-Qadaref, al-Doqa, and Rashed.

Upon arriving in these towns, we joined forces with other dedicated YFC volunteers, Mourad, Roma, and Sandy, to meet with pastors and youth leaders of local churches. Our previous visits had provided them with valuable leadership training, and this time, we sought to understand their progress and challenges.

Additionally, our journey led us to New Halfa, where we aspire to initiate a YFC project. In this town, there is an existing youth group that meets regularly, but they face significant hurdles due to a distressingly low literacy rate among its members. Our hearts went out to them, recognizing the urgent need for training their youth leaders and providing literacy classes to improve their prospects for the future.

Throughout our visits to these communities, we encountered a pressing demand for volunteer leader training and literacy programs. Astonishingly, many of the leaders and youth lack basic reading and writing skills, which hinders their personal growth and limits their ability to serve their communities effectively.

Our observations further highlighted the importance of youth programs, designed to share the message of Christ with the young generation. Notably, approximately one-quarter of the youth in these churches are Muslim young people, emphasizing the significance of fostering understanding and building bridges between different faiths.

In conclusion, our journey was a testament to the vast opportunities and challenges ahead. The YFC’s determination to empower Sudanese communities remains unwavering, but we acknowledge that we can’t do it alone. We humbly ask for your prayers and support as we work tirelessly to bring positive change and hope to the lives of these young individuals. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and create a brighter future for Sudan’s youth, irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances.