Hope for a Teen Mother

by Florence Uwingabire, Rwanda

“My name is Florence Uwingabire, nineteen years old and with a two year old daughter named Ineza Iganze Gabriella. About two years ago, I met Samuel (the YFC chapter coordinator from my region) and some other people from YFC Rwanda; but prior to that, I used to live a hopeless life. We,(i.e. my friends and I) lived on the streets with others who also now have children and would engage in prostitution to sustain our lives. On meeting Samuel we started doing Bible studies and attending church services. Now, the Lord is taking care of us even in our poor predicament. He gives us what we need to survive. At times when we don’t get our daily bread, we will still not engage in prostitution as God has transformed our hearts.

My hope and desire right now is to learn how to sew (tailoring). I trust God will enable me to attend a good school and have a decent home better than where we are now living.”