Hope Despite Heartache & Broken Homes


Leaders and campers alike had the time of their lives at Youth for Christ’s Junior High School camp in Lebanon this summer.

D. M., a 12-year-old camper from a non-Christian background shares his camp story:

“Last summer I came to Christ and I was waiting to turn 12 to join YFC camp… My favourite topic so far was when one of the leaders explained the sin of Adam and Eve. It helped me understand why our world is corrupt and how we have a role to play. I also understood why Jesus came to earth. My favourite part of the day was the silent time by the camp fire. Please pray that I do not have fear from the future and for God to heal my mother because she is sick but works hard to support our family.”

We praise God who gave us a chance to be part of the lives of those precious teens. So many come with heartaches and from broken homes.

Please pray for the staff of Youth for Christ and the young people to whom they are continuing to try to reach with the love of Christ.