Exploring Sports as Worship in Birmingham

sotg2In July, 50 young people from across Birmingham explored the idea of sports worship at an event called Spirit of the Game. Young people from across the secondary school age-range participated in numerous sports flowing freely between them as they chose.

Throughout the event the young people were brought into small groups and asked how the sports they were playing were worshiping God. Among the many answers were: “Teamwork is like worship as you include people, help others and yourself to use the gifts God has given you.”

Twice the sports were briefly stopped for short talks that encouraged the young people to think through the concept of sports worship. Spirit of the Game is just beginning to explore how Jesus relates to sport and those running the event know that they have as much to learn as the young people.

Organisers hope that an increasing number of people can say, as one of the young people at Spirit of the Game did:

“Christians playing together felt different to when I normally play; I can feel God in it.”

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