eleanorEleanor is 16 years old, and had been running a blog for about 18 months now. At first, she did not include anything about her faith. However, over the past six months, she began to use her blog as a ministry opportunity. After doing so, she found that more people were reading it.

A resident of England, Eleanor posts articles about various topics, situations or sometimes just about certain Bible passages. Her blogging hobby grew out of her passion for preaching and ministry. Eleanor says “I’d love more young Christians my age to find a space where they can discuss with someone their age, and together as a community, we can learn from each other.”

You can check out her blog at

Eleanor is an excellent example of exactly the kind of young leader Youth for Christ desire to be known for. She is a young leader characterised by Godliness in Lifestyle, Devotion to the Word of God and Prayer, Boldness in Evangelism, and Commitment to Social Involvement, as reflected in her blog.

“I know that God will use me wherever He wants, even if not with the blog, and He will put footsteps in place. I love sharing his love, and praise Him for the work He does particularly with Youth for Christ, which has really deepened my faith! In fact, I launched a random act of kindness challenge back in February, and I’m currently undergoing a year of Give, Save and Love, of which the ‘give’ involves a monthly giving (to the community) project and I’m excited to see how God shares his love through it! So thanks for reading, and I hope that you take a look (particularly at the faith and inspiring thoughts section…”