Australia Seeking Prayer for Changes Ahead

From Conrad Parsons, CEO/National Director
We are blessed by God to have effective leadership across Youth for Christ. In every part of this evangelistic movement, Christians are putting all they have into improving the lives of young people. We are focusing on our core mission and seeking to fulfill God’s call on YFC. The National Board in Australia is the strongest it has ever been and is dedicated to enabling young people in Australia to have an opportunity to become followers of Christ. Please pray for the Directors.

I am increasing communication and consultation with branches around Australia so we can travel together well through upcoming changes. I visited YFC Hunter Region on Tuesday 6 September and YFC Central Coast on Wednesday 7 September. I also hope to visit YFC Ipswich on 14 September. Please pray for these conversations and for our other regional ministries. The next period of growth in YFC will require great faith in God and so we ask the Lord to lead us forward.

YFC youth workers focus continually on reaching young people and want to reduce the time they spend on management and financial administration. To free our youth workers to fulfill this mission, we are adding more financial staff to the National Resource Centre. Currently YFC Australia is run by me with 2 full-time managers and one part-time finance assistant. As new staff join our team we will no longer fit in our current office space. All we do in YFC starts with prayer so I am asking you to join me in praying that the Lord provides a solution to our office needs.

Thank you for praying for Youth for Christ in Australia. God is leading us through some significant changes that will result in many more young people becoming followers of Christ.