Area Director Reports From France

From John Duncan, EMENA Area Director
I have just spent a most enjoyable weekend with Youth for Christ in France at their Annual General Assembly in the Vosges Mountains (the venue was a centre called Le Vallon between the towns of Orbey and Munster in The Alsace) where Chairman of the Board Patrick Nussbaumer and National Director Samuel Weiler co-ordinated a most impressive series of presentations on this ever-expanding work. There were lots of good sessions, excellent reports and presentations, and a real sense of vision and passion conveyed.

I was struck by several things: how much the work is grounded in prayer; how many people are allowed to bring their creativity into the mix and given a free hand to follow their vision; and how well the work is spreading geographically.

For instance, Youth for Christ has never in my memory done much in northern France, but now they have PULSE (Priére, Unité, Louange, Service, Edification) in Dunkerque and in Paris, where the work is growing rapidly with Nathan & Beki Lambert leading this work in Paris.

The PULSE Nights began in 2003 in Strasbourg. PULSE is the concept of bringing together young Christians from various churches in order to pray, serve, praise God and receive an appropriate education for young Christians.

Today, PULSE is a ministry partner with Youth for Christ in France. Thus, the evenings are prepared by youth for youth with the help of outsiders.

And in Paris?
PULSE of Paris is building bridges between the Church of Christian young adults from churches in Paris, in order to manifest the Kingdom of God together through prayer, worship and witness, and encourage them to be active disciples of Jesus Christ.”

In Paris, the evenings are tailored for students and young professionals, but open to all.