Shanoli’s* family in Nepal could not afford to advance her to secondary school (grades 11 and 12). Even though she desperately wanted to go, had shown great potential, and everyone wanted her to go on to further studies, she simply had no resources.
One day she “somehow” met some Youth for Christ staff and started attending a Bible Club. During one prayer time, Shanoli shared her desire for further schooling and the financial challenge. The Youth for Christ staff started praying for provision, and then they became part of the answer! Among themselves they raised $84, a sacrificial sum for ministry people on the low end of the economic scale in Nepal. The $84 helped her reach the goal to make her studies possible and she was able to complete grade 12.
Shanoli now serves with Youth for Christ Nepal. Because of her difficulties with access to schooling, she has a passion for helping very poor and needy children with their education. Her prayer is to reach the community with the Good News through this programme and perhaps to use this model in other provinces.
This mostly rural, mountainous nation has around 200 different people groups speaking about 120 languages that are yet unreached with the gospel. Youth for Christ Nepal is praying for more resources and creative young people like Shanoli to take the gospel to young people in these unreached places.
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*name changed for security