About YFC Venezuela

JPC Venezuela was founded in Caracas in 1995 by Geordon Rendle who got involved with many church pastors to help them understand the ministry and its purpose. He also dedicated himself to recruiting volunteers to work in youth evangelism with the support of fellow pastors.

YFC Venezuela Staff

During all this time, various strategies have been used to reach young people, such as: youth meetings at the JPC headquarters, talks in schools and high schools, recreational and evangelistic activities in open spaces, and camps, among others. At the same time, intensive training of youth leaders has been carried out.

When the pandemic arrived, we stopped outside activities, and dedicated ourselves to prayer and reflection to find a way to continue. Currently, we are activated to work through social media. JPC Venezuela will continue to reinvent its way of working to reach young people to know Christ once the pandemic ends.

Prayer Needs

  • Safety of God’s servants in the middle of civil unrest and violence.
  • Resources and funding for ministry to reach more young people.
  • Consolidation and development of the national board and team.