Because of you…


We are partnering with local churches and high schools to reach all young people in Rwanda.
Every year, over 50,000 young people are reached and 1,600 evangelists trained in 24 local communities where Youth for Christ Rwanda is operating.

Training and seminars are conducted for volunteers and young leaders.

Those who don’t attend school and street kids are ministered to through sports and music, plus other ministry aspects that address their basic needs.


The school was established to develop a generation of young leaders who are followers of Jesus Christ. Each year over 30 young students undergo eight months of training. Today, Rwanda’s sons and daughters who have attended SLD are building and giving hope to the future of the country.


Prayer for the young people is conducted through three prayer movements.

  • Operation Daniel
    Young people meet to pray for themselves and for youth who aren’t followers of Christ.
  • Operation Watchmen
    Fathers meet to pray for the youth.
  • Operation Hannah
    Mothers meet to pray for the young people.

Because of you…


90% of the kids in Rwanda attend public schools where quality is low. Excellent private schools are beyond the reach of many families.

To give quality education to all kids irrespective of his/her family’s economic situation, we build schools. In 2006, we opened the first campus in Kigali which has now 970 kids from preschool to grade 12. In 2016, we opened another campus in the East of Rwanda which now has 380 kids. Our future plan is to start another branch in Byumba, Rwanda’s Northern Province.

Hundreds of kids from poor families study through sponsorship, and they have not disappointed in excellence and godliness. Over 1,320 kids from poor families are in need of sponsorship to attain quality education from Kigali Christian Schools.

Our plan for Rwanda’s youth is bigger. We intend to establish Kigali Christian College of Liberal Arts. The college will focus on producing quality Christian educators, youth ministers in local churches, leadership development and other programs such as economics and business.


Homes are built for widows, communities are helped and the gospel is spread.

This kind of ministry is done at the chapter level. In each of our six ministry chapters located all over Rwanda, our volunteers are participating in many life-changing projects.

Young people are also learning more of what it means to be servant leaders by meeting the needs of their community.

Because of you…

Prayer Needs

  • Train over 3,600 discipleship makers, leaders of prayer movements, and high school Bible club leaders.
  • Construction of a new branch of Kigali Christian School in Byumba (Northern Rwanda), and additional infrastructure at existing Kigali Christian Schools (Kigali and Eastern campuses).
  • Establishment of Kigali Christian College of Liberal Arts.
  • Establish a youth camp, retreat and recreation center at Lake Muhazi (Eastern Rwanda).
  • Additional land on three Youth for Christ properties (Northern chapter, Eastern chapter and at lake Muhazi).