About Youth for Christ Netherlands

90 staff and more than 1,000 volunteers help young people grow in their maturity and discover who Christ is. Youth for Christ focuses on three key areas: schools, street work and churches.

In schools teenagers are helped to discuss difficult subjects (like bullying) and shown the love of Christ through drama and lessons. On a yearly basis more than 40,000 teenagers in schools are engaged.

In street work all kinds of activities (street football, youth centres, homework coaching) are used to develop relationships with young people. Within that relationship we help them to develop their talents and overcome the hard issues in their lives (like family breakdown and debts). Youth for Christ works in 16 cities across the country, often in neighbourhoods that have lots of complex problems.

Churches are helped to take their responsibility to share the gospel with young people. Churches are provided with creative programs like Rock Solid and Youth Alpha and more than 1,500 youth leaders have been trained so that teenagers can experience and discover who Christ is through churches.


Pray for

  • Donations to keep expanding youth work
  • More volunteers and youth workers, committed to youth work
  • More churches with a heart for non-Christian young people