About Youth for Christ Madagascar

Youth for Christ Madagascar operates in seven different regions reaching young people for Christ through different approaches. We minister through weekly radio shows, presenting Bible films like the Jesus Film, dance and drama teams, computer and English training and prison outreach.

In the capital city of Tana we are mobilizing 93 volunteers following the G21 Now vision, developing young leaders (a one-year commitment, then renewed if they want to). They minister in a prison after a two-month training. Another prison ministry in Antsirable reaches 99 boys and 100 women, preaching the good news and helping them return to the community when they are set free.

Volunteers celebrating Christmas 2020.

We minister to college students using Bible films like the Jesus Film in the northwest (Amparafaravola) and introducing improved rice growing technology to agricultural students in a college in Moramanga. We challenge the students to receive Jesus as personal Savior. Computer clubs in the west (Bakaro) and Ambositra enable us to minister Jesus to students during devotions while equipping them with computer and even English skills to help them find work.

In each of our regions we have three to seven local board members plus seven national Board members.

Young people are being reached by applying the principles of 2 Timothy 2:2–Evangelism, Discipleship, and Equipping–to mobilize them to share with their peers across the nation.

Youth for Christ is the first Christian organisation in Madagascar to promote Christian volunteerism in Tana, the capital city. In 2015, the government encouraged organisations to promote volunteerism and Youth for Christ responded to the need. Today the partnership with the government is thriving.

Current ministries include evangelism through:

  • ESG (English Speaking Generation) clubs with 250 young people each year
  • music/dance teams
  • drama
  • sports outreaches in schools
  • four radio programs
  • weekly prison ministry
  • training pastors in leadership and management
  • evangelism training for churches
  • social events promoting hygiene in the community
  • planting trees
  • translation assistance
  • schools ministry (weekly evangelism outreaches and discipleship programs)

The Madagascar team is working to spread ministry in six provinces and 22 regions of the country by equipping and mobilizing churches to reach youth by evangelism. We are now in six cities in five regions. We are also in the process of finding land or a building in the centre of town for a Youth for Christ ministry centre and are also in the process of building a camp and training centre on land in the countryside.

Prayer Needs
Please pray for:

  • fundraising for all ministry staff
  • challenges of follow-up and discipleship for the many young people who make commitments to Christ
  • the building of a new Youth for Christ ministry centre and university buildings
  • staff families – God’s provision of a house and other finances; spiritual and biblical training
  • wise strategies to extend ministry into the provinces of Madagascar
  • implementation of the G21 Now vision across the island
  • increased positive relations with the local church
  • restructuring of the Youth for Christ Board
  • the project of planting millions of trees with an environmental organization and churches
  • new Youth for Christ ministries starting in Fianarantsoa and Moramanga