Czech Republic

Summer camp for teenagers

Youth for Christ in the Czech Republic has been active since 2009, involved in interdenominational missionary events. We cooperate with churches and organizations. Before COVID-19, we worked in five centers, where we had activities for teenagers and youth. Five employees are still involved in this ministry.

Thanks to the staff and volunteers, this first mission team can reach dozens of street teenagers with the Gospel every year. We also work with schools where we can talk to hundreds of students and teachers.

The second mission team prays for the healing of people in the ministry of the Father’s heart. This team has more volunteers who participate in activities in which we reach 1,000 people a year.

The third mission team is established in Prague and organizes a music festival and evenings of praise for young people. Our vision is to implement summer mission camps for children and youth, start a conference of spiritual renewal, and stabilize the mission team for new ministry.