Democratic Republic of the Congo

Because of you

Youth for Christ in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a newly developing nation for ministry. Current pioneering ministry includes networking with churches and ministries. Some specific ways they are serving the communities are through clubs and Youth Guidance.

Here is some of the ministry:

  • Prayer meetings
  • Youth training
  • Evangelisation
  • HIV / AIDS training
  • Distributing evangelical literature

Prayer Needs

  • Continued growth of the new ministry in Kinshasa, specifically in developing a strong ministry team to work with clubs and drama in schools
  • Availability of godly Board members, staff, and volunteers who will work in ministry
  • Funding needed to carry on ministry
  • Restoration of peace in the country and the end of war
  • Strengthening of the church of Christ in Congo so that its leadership will not be compromised in spiritual, moral and ethical issues