YFC Nashville serves 300+ in 17 schools, 4 detention centers, 2 community centers and 50+ teen parents! Here is Keyosha’s story.

Growing up I struggled with my identity. I didn’t fit in with girls in my school and it was hard to make friends. But I think not fitting in was the best thing that ever happened to me because it pushed me into my creativity which ultimately led me to a relationship with Jesus. I connected with Youth for Christ campus life after school and I finally felt like I fit in somewhere. I was learning about God, then we would go over to the middle school and mentor younger students. That made a big impact on me and made me realize that my life had purpose and God had a plan for me. I think because of my life experiences, I grew up quick. Met the man I wanted to spend my life with and we had children young.

Raising kids at a young age and trying to provide can be hard; there’s been nights that I cried out to God, even though I didn’t have a deep relationship with Him at the time, I knew He was there. I love my family and I wouldn’t trade my family for anything in this world. But I just would tell the next young girl to wait and build your life first so you can provide without a problem. God gave us this handbook for life, the Bible, but so many times we think our way of doing things is better than His.

I met Pastor Kirk through Ms. Melissa with Youth for Christ, and he has been the biggest blessing in my life! I talked with him multiple times about Jesus and being saved and how my sins can be forgiven. I joined his church All Souls and every member means so much to me. The day I was baptized was a moment I will never forget. I actually felt better as a women and it’s like a big relief was off my shoulders. My boyfriend Anthony also met Kirk and ever since, they have been so close. He has become a father figure to him. Anthony has struggled through some hard stuff and He didn’t really know if God was there for him or loved him. He finally had that talk with Kirk and he took what he said and he read the Bible himself and got to know who Jesus is. Anthony was baptized this year and I have seen God continue to work in our lives!

I thank God for Youth for Christ because it planted a seed of faith in me that led me and my family to Christ. They have also been instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my passion, music. Music has been something I’ve done since age 7. I now use it to speak on things that most people won’t, and impact young people and adults for Christ. I thank Youth for Christ for providing me with a laptop to be able to create music. I want to be an example to my kids that God can take brokenness and make it something beautiful.

I am Keyosha and I am Youth for Christ.