by Jenn Stough, YFC Spain

I met Katy a couple months ago in our 20s ministry. During lockdown I would look out at all the apartment windows across our street and pray for people in their homes to meet the Lord somehow. During quarantine, prayer was a way to participate in God’s work, so I found myself doing this a lot. Little did I know, God was answering my prayers. He allowed me to see it…

On a hike with the 20s group this fall, I started asking Katy about her life. Katy grew up in Barcelona in a non-Christian family and had suffered from sleep paralysis for many years.

During lockdown her sleep paralysis got worse, and she could hear and see things in these paralyses that were quite frightening. One day, out of curiosity, she decided to ask a Christian friend about the Jesus story. When her friend shared the Gospel, she thought it sounded crazy.

But God kept revealing himself to her through movies, thoughts, and images, until one night she prayed a prayer of surrender to God alone in her room. That night the sleep paralysis ended.

Now she attends our weekly 20s group, is super involved in her church and just got baptized. Her family thinks she’s crazy, but has seen a huge change in her. As she was sharing her story with me, I could feel God confirming that this was just one of the ways he was answering my prayers.


Jenn Stough, along with her husband, Isaac, serves as a Global Engagement missionary in Spain with Youth for Christ International.