Igor da Silva, vice director of Conextions, the missions department of Youth for Christ Brazil, is completing his apprenticeship under Frank Valenza. In July 2020, Igor will become the director of the department. Frank will then be able to concentrate on recruitment and fund-raising.

Your prayers are being answered, as this ministry has been able to send full-time missionaries to each country that these flags represent. Your financial support has allowed Youth for Christ to prepare and train each Brazilian missionary who has gone forth in faith. Conextions has missionaries now in Cape Verde, San Tomé and Príncipe, Portugal, Russia and Ireland.

Each summer (January in Brazil), Youth for Christ offers a course in youth leadership training and at the same time has its annual meeting of the leadership team. This is an important time in the life of Youth for Christ. There are 155 cities in Brazil and five countries outside of Brazil where there are ministries. Planning and training is very important to keep the ministry in line with the Scriptures and the needs of youth of today.

Frank Valenza planned special seminars for those who are considering foreign missions. Sadler Lopes, national director of WEC mission, gave a class on the advantages and disadvantages of being a Brazilian missionary.

Marie Reis challenged the students on how they can use their professions in missions. Richard Werner, a Christian businessman and leader, taught on the importance of planning and preparing for their future mission. Frank and Igor presented the ministry and missionary opportunities offered through Conextions.