YFC Camp in Brazil


A 17-year-old girl was disgusted with her father for being a pastor, so she decided she would do anything to hurt him. She stopped going to church, came home drunk, and eventually she started drinking at home. BUT THEN, Jesus! Sitting around the campfire at YFC Camp, this girl was touched by the Word of God and she went forward and publicly confessed her sin. She was sorry. She then called her father, apologized, said she loved him, and asked him to throw away the alcohol she had hidden in the house.

Youth for Christ in Brazil desires to expand in order to accommodate more youth at YFC Camp. This expansion will add space for another 64 people per event, which means up to another 1500 people every year! This allows for more people to attend camp and have the opportunity to hear the Good News and make the decision to follow Jesus, just like this young girl.

All the renovations are simple, basic things that every camp needs: $10 for a lamp, $45 for a window, $65 for a sink, $175 for a mattress. These are tangible and easy ways to get involved. Become part of what God is doing through Youth for Christ Brazil at camp! Give today!