Flooding in Bangladesh

Several staff families have lost their houses and all their belongings due to a recent flood. They have had to move to a Bangladesh YFC (BYFC) Centre along with their children. 

Around 95 volunteer families also lost their houses. They are living on the street and have also lost their daily income. It is very hard for them to eat even one meal each day. But still these volunteers have been so helpful to BYFC during the evacuation of the kids from BYFC children home of Birgonj. It was almost impossible to complete this without their help.

In the northern part of the country, there are two BYFC Centres and two children’s homes for the street and orphan children. A total of 27 full time staff and around 67 volunteers are working in that area. Due to the BYFC presence on middle and high schools campuses (there more than 39 BYFC Hi-Clubs and a total of 1,825 high schools students who are involved in BYFC Hi-Clubs), the Bangladesh government is expecting us to help high school students who are in need at this time.

Also due to the devastating flood, one of the BYFC Children’s Homes was severely damaged and its boundary walls fell off. BYFC needs to fix both the damage of the home and the walls, for safety.

BYFC aims to provide school books, school uniforms, stationery, umbrellas, soap and some antiseptic, providing bags for 1,000 middle and high school students involved in BYFC Hi-Clubs, as well as three houses for BYFC staff families who lost everything.

Thank you for considering a financial gift to assist with this great need. 

Total Goal for BYFC needs: $50,000.