About Youth for Christ Tanzania

Youth for Christ Tanzania was officially registered in 1987. James Broun Mwambagi played a great role in pioneering Youth for Christ Tanzania with the help of Youth for Christ Kenya who was directly involved in the pioneering process and provided all the required support.

Our programs before COVID-19 included the following: evangelism and discipleship, school outreaches, Worth the Wait abstinence program, leadership development and training, life skills (challenges facing modern youth), prison visits, sports ministry, music and dance ministry, evangelism to street children, prayer, and many more. The uniqueness of our ministry is how we connect with young people and disciple them through local churches.

Our vision after COVID-19 is to establish social media evangelism. We have observed this has great impact on the young generation.

Youth for Christ in Tanzania and Zanzibar are:

  • raising up and training staff and young leaders who are culturally relevant to local youth ministries
  • implementing youth ministry that is characterized by Generation 21 principles
  • mobilising and developing effective disciples and disciple-makers in Youth for Christ, and enhancing their ministry skills

Ministry focus

  • Evangelism and discipleship
  • Leadership training
  • School outreaches
  • Worth the wait – abstinence program (HIV/AIDS)
  • Leadership development
  • Life skills (challenges facing the youth in the post-modern era)
  • Prison visits
  • Prayers
  • Sports ministry
  • Music & dance ministry
  • Evangelism to street children

Prayer Needs

  • Monthly financial support
  • Social involvement (education/youth development centre)
  • Own property to launch youth training base/centre in Zanzibar
  • Committed workers