I am constantly amazed and humbled by the visionary young leaders in Youth for Christ who courageously pioneer ministry in remote and often hostile environments all over the world. Anastasia* is one of these young pioneers and is currently establishing a new Youth for Christ ministry in north-western China amongst fundamental Muslim communities. What I find astounding is that Anastasia has now also ventured into Afghanistan.

Determined to make the most of an opportunity to share Jesus with young people in Afghanistan, Anastasia set out on a trek across the Xinjiang region of China. However, when Anastasia arrived at the town where she thought she would be able to secure a ride on a truck, she discovered that no vehicles travelled the grueling route to her destination.

Undaunted, Anastasia purchased a horse and some sheep and set off to where she believed God was sending her. After fourteen days of riding – eating the sheep along the way – Anastasia finally arrived at a town where she could catch a bus that carried her across the border and into the region in Afghanistan where she had contacts.

Anastasia is just one young pioneer among hundreds, possibly thousands, in Youth for Christ, who are ready to go. Their pioneering spirit is indomitable, their vision and courage astounding, and their capacity to open up new areas of ministry and mission unfathomable.

All they need is a little help from us to send them on their way, meet their basic needs, and provide ongoing support and encouragement in their ministry. Your partnership is needed as never before to mobilise young pioneers, like Anastasia, to reach millions more young people with the life-saving “good news” of Jesus.

Around one third of our financial resources are given in the final months of each year. This year our need for November/December is $375,000. Please give generously.

Thank you,
David Wraight
David Wraight


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