World Changers’ Prayer Strategy

World Changers’ prayer strategy

What if you stopped for one minute every day to pray for those who have no opportunity to know and follow Jesus. Would it make a difference? What if 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 others joined you?

A book written during World War II, The Big Ben Minute, was resurrected and republished. The following is a brief overview of the 1947 book.

“Concerted prayer in Great Britain during WWII is credited with the ultimate overthrowing of the Third Reich.”

The book authored by Andrew Dakers (London, 1943) provides an insider perspective on the national minute of prayer phenomenon that began in Great Britain, and which was “widely credited, by contemporary people of faith, for the demise of the Third Reich.” (In Britain during WWII, millions reportedly stopped to pray when Big Ben – a huge clock in the city of London – chimed at 9 p.m.)

Brad Fenichel, founder of Saddle Mountain Communications, has republished the WWII book The Big Ben Minute, by Andrew Dakers.

In the preface to the book, Fenichel quotes a high Nazi official under post-war interrogation saying, “During the war, you had a secret weapon for which we could find no counter-measure… but it was very powerful… the Silent Minute.”

Dakers’ book written during wartime was to pray for evil to be stayed. What if you prayed that the evil one would lose his grip on the minds of our young people who have been mastered through deception and lies? What if you prayed that Jesus would be revealed through dreams and visions? What if you  prayed for a minute each day for receptive hearts? What if you prayed that the Son of God would be revealed through the preaching of God’s Word? What if you prayed for a minute each day that God would send labourers? What if you prayed that evil would be stayed in your city, in your nation, in the world?

You could use your phone, your computer, your tablet, your alarm clock as your “Big Ben” reminder. Set a “One Minute Prayer” appointment to remind you every day to pray for one minute?

This prayer movement is populated with people who see prayer as a secret weapon in which evil can find no counter-measure!  Start praying today.